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Welcome to littlewolf Photography.  I am pleased that you have stopped by this section of Little Wolf
Run Productions.  

I love getting out in Nature and taking photos.  It is kind of my way of preserving "today" for the future.  
I live in an area that was once beautiful farm land and woodlands.  In fact, I grew up just a few miles
from where I now live and as a child worked on my Grandfather's tobacco farm.  Today, most of the
farm land is gone and has been replaced by housing and highways.  However, there are still little patches
of woodlands and a few of the farms left.  I spent a lot of time during my cancer treatment reconnecting
with Nature by walking through the patches of woodlands still left near my home and still do.  As I walk
I snap photos and decided to add them here.

The photos here were all taken with very, very inexpensive cameras and then "cleaned-up" with the photo
editing program "Photo Scape".  They aren't all that great but they are decent.

Recently, a friend of mine updated her camera and sent her old one to me.  [Many, many thanks to you,
Lynn.]  With this camera, which is a Nikon CoolPix, I am able to take much better shots and the shots I
have taken with it did not require the use of a photo editing program to "clean them up".  I am now able
to get close-ups which were impossible with my old cameras, so I am really pleased about that.  
Unfortunately, I feel with my Nikon in pocket and broke it.  But, no worries, I found amother newer
CoolPix with more megapixels and a stronger zoom on sale that I was able to get.  So now most of what
you will see here was taken using Nikon CoolPix cameras.

As time goes on and the seasons come and go, I hope to get shots that depicts the area as it goes through
the various seasonal changes.  Aw heck, just enjoy browsing through these photos of my "little corner" of
the world.  
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