Climate Change

We hear a lot today about Climate Change and what is causing it.  There are just as many differing opinions as there agencies studying it.  No one really seems to agree on anything.  I sure don’t know what is causing it but I do know that it is happening.

Weather patterns are all screwed up.  Storms are getting bigger and more severe.  Unprecedented numbers of tornadoes and earlier than normal.  Droughts are becoming more common and wildfires are on the rampage.

Is all of this the result of Global Warming or is it just a normal every so often shift in weather patterns?  Or, could it be something else entirely? 

I certainly don’t know the answer but I have an idea that it is a combination of things.  Global Warming certainly is gonna impact all of these things.  And, there are records to indicate that weather patterns normally shift every so often.  But, there is, in my humble opinion, a third cause, Mother Nature herself is revolting.

Yes, Mother Nature, the very Earth, herself is desperately fighting for her very life.  Humankind has systematically gone about destroying are Natural Environment for hundreds of years for the sake of progress.  We are destroying our farmlands and forested areas to build more homes for our exploding populations and for the convenience of traveling from one place to another at a faster pace.  Think about it.  The farmland was used to grow our food as well as supporting an abundance of wildlife.  The forests aided in the purification of the air that we need to live and also supported an abundance of wildlife.

So, climate change is upon us and it ain’t looking too good right about now for our future.  Can we reverse all the damage that has been done and do it in time to save the very planet that we live on?  I don’t know.  But we have to alter our way of living and we need to do it a big way and before any more damage is done.



As I was trying to set-up a second blog page I ran into a lot of problems and ended up just deleting both blogs altogether.  In doing that i lost all that I had previously posted here on this one.  Sorry bout that.

This Blog, will deal mainly with Environment Issues and the plight of our Relatives in the Animal Kingdom and in particular the plight of the Wolf.

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