Two Spirits vs Homosexuality

There is a misconception regarding the use of the term “Two Spirited” within the LGBT Native Community.  Being of “Two Spirits” has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality.  I realize that it sounds awfully good for an LGBT person to say that they are “Two Spirited” and can even understand why they are so fond of using this term.  But, in my opinion, it is just plain wrong for them to do so.

Probably the best way to describe what a person with “Two Spirits” is is to use the dual-personality description.  Having Two Spirits residing in one body can be really confusing and over=whelming, especially until one learns to control them both.  Believe me I know this for a fact.  It’s as if there are good and evil forces pulling in opposite directions constantly and they are not easily controlled.

True Two Spirited People were and are highly regarded in the Native communities by those that understand the true meaning of the term and thus disregard it’s present and false use.  Hell, in the old days Two Spirited People were actually revered for their wisdom and were often Tribal Elders and People of Medicine.

Now, I’m certain that the LGBT community will take exception to this blog but to them I say this:  Get over it.  I’m a Lesbian and think that the use of this term just to gain better acceptance is just plain wrong.

Now, it is possible for a Two Spirited Person to be a homosexual but that is not always the case.  In fact, it is the exception.  There are many, many more Two Spirited People who are not Homosexuals, never have been, never will be and I know quite a few of these folks.

I am BOTH and it is no bed of roses.  It is hard to control the different spirits residing within my body.  There are days when I think I have control over all of them but there is also days when I know that I do not.  People who know me well know that my mood swings are infamous and can be quite distressing to say the least.  It angers me to no end to see the LGBT community doing this but I couldn’t write this post out of pure anger.  I had to gain control of my different “sides” first.

There are many different aspects to this than I have covered here in this post and I will get to them a bit later down the road.  But for now, I wish that the LGBT Native Community would just be men and women enough to be themselves and stop claiming to be something that they are not, least most of them are not.


Ceremonies: What Are They and Why Do They Need Protecting

Ceremonies are a huge part of the Native People’s Spiritual Life or Religious practices.  They are just as “Sacred” as any other Religion’s ceremonies.

I wonder why so many people today think that they have the right to “steal” these Native Ceremonies?  Could it be that they think that these Ceremonies are NOT SACRED?  Or, could it be that they find something LACKING in their own religious ceremonies?

If someone attends a religious ceremony they expect that ceremony to be performed by someone who is qualified to do so.  And, you don’t find a Catholic Priest, for example, performing a Jewish ceremony or a Jewish Rabbi performing a Catholic ceremony.  The same should hold true of a Native Ceremony, or at least it should.  I sure wouldn’t want to attend a Sun Dance led by a Catholic Priest or a Jewish Rabbi.  And, neither should you.

Many of the Native Ceremonies have been stolen by so-called New Agers.  These New Agers then “SELL” these Ceremonies for a profit.  Some even make millions selling these ceremonies.

We all have heard of someone who will advertise that they are holding a “Sweat Lodge” and for a price you may attend.  There are also those that hold a “Vision Quest” and some that hold a “Sun Dance”.  I am singling out these three [3] ceremonies as they are the most often stolen and/or misused ceremonies.  And, also, because they are the most dangerous if not conducted/led in the proper way or by a properly trained individual.  Serious injury or even death has occurred as a result of these “FAKE” ceremonies.

How does the theft of these Ceremonies occur?  Well, its really very simple.

These Face Book Indians often gain the confidence of a “Real Native” with some kind of cock-and-bull story and wiesel their way into a “Real” ceremony.  Then they take what the saw and assume that they can perform this ceremony themselves.  Or, these Face Book Indians will do a search on the internet looking for all the Native Ceremonies they can find and then read everything they can about them.  Ya know the internet does contain some information on these ceremonies and if its on the internet it has to be the truth.  Right?  Wrong!

In preparing to write this, I, too, did an internet search.  I found a wealth of information out there.  Would I go out and perform one of these ceremonies myself?  No way in hell!  Why?  Because I haven’t been trained to perform them.  There is a big difference in reading about them and actually being trained in performing them.  Neither would I go out a perform a Religious ceremony of any other religion or spiritual belief without the proper training.

I don’t know how these Ceremonies can adequately be protected as they once were with all of this information freely available on the internet.  I don’t think it is entirely possible.

Occasionally you may be invited to attend a “Real” Ceremony and if you do attend considered yourself to be very Honored.  But, when you leave, DON’T try to duplicate it on your own.  Remember, you were only a participant or attendee, not the person who led the ceremony and weren’t trained to lead it.  Although it is customary to bring a “Gift”, usually tobacco, for the person leading the ceremony there is NEVER A CHARGE or FEE for attending it.

If you see an advertisement for an “INDIAN CEREMONY” that is the first clue that it is NOT REAL.  If there is a “CHARGE or FEE” for attending, that is the second clue that it is NOT REAL.   Remember:  REAL NATIVES DO NOT CHARGE FOR CEREMONIES.  And, chances are very high that those conducting a ceremony for money are NOT PROPERLY TRAINED and when people are not properly trained there is always a chance that something will go wrong.  And when things go wrong, you could get seriously injured or even die as a result.

In short remember NEVER PAY TO PRAY!!


Who Is Khat Hansen

There are a lot of these so-called Big Foot sites who have asked this question many times.  And a lot of them have interviewed Khat Hansen and still don’t know who she is.  Well, now I am asking “Who Is Khat Hansen?” but for a different reason altogether.

Very few people out on the web have ever seen a “real” photo of Khat because she just doesn’t use her real photo on the social networking sites as her profile photo.  I, on the other hand, have seen what Khat really looks like since I have had several rather long video chats/conferences with the lady herself.  So, I’m not questioning what she looks like at all.  What I am questioning is this:  Is Khat Hansen really all that she claims to be?  Khat has no problem throwing her credentials, so to speak, out there for the entire world to see.  But are they “real”?  That is my question.

Khat will tell you that she is Choctaw.  OK.  I can accept that.  There is really nothing I can find that would dispute that claim.  She doesn’t claim to be a full-blood but rather a half-breed.  That I can accept as well.  No reason to doubt her on those claims whatsoever.

Khat will tell you that she interacts with Big Foot Creatures.  OK.  I’m not so sure on that one.  However, I will admit that it is highly likely that these Creatures do exist and that it is possible that they do interact with certain individuals.  Is Khat one of those chosen individuals, I really don’t know and I’ll leave that one up to the folks that study that sort of thing.

Khat will tell you that she is an archeologist.  OK.  I have no reason to dispute her on that claim either so I’ll assume that she is telling the truth.

Khat will tell you that she is an ordained minister.  OK.  Anyone can become an ordained minister these days with all the classes, real and otherwise, that one can take on-line.  Also, I do know that many Native Americans will become ordained ministers so that they can perform traditional wedding ceremonies and they will be legal.  So, she is more than likely telling the truth on that one as well.

Khat will tell you that she is a Medicine Woman.  OK.  Now we start to get into murky territory with this claim.  Ya see, “Traditional Medicine People” do not advertise, so to speak, that they are in fact Medicine People.  Neither do these “Traditional’ Medicine People ever charge anyone for their services.  Now to my knowledge, Khat doesn’t charge for her services as a Medicine Woman, so that is in keeping with the traditions.  What I have trouble with is that she just sort of flaunts it about.  You know what I mean, that sort of “Hey, Look at Me, I’m a Medicine Woman” thing that gives the impression that it is all about her and not about the People.  I gotta say that I have a lot of trouble with that.  She claims that she was trained to be a Medicine Woman by her Grandmother since the age of 5 for this.  Again, that is in the realm of being believable since Medicine People are trained from very young ages.  So, my question is this:  Is Khat Hansen really a Medicine Woman?  If there is a member of the Choctaw Nation out there somewhere that can verify this I would sure like to hear from you.

Khat will tell you that she is an Elder. [Thought I was through, did ya?  Not quite.]  OK.  I have a problem with this claim as well.  Again Tribal Elders do not go around advertising it to the world that they are indeed Elders.  Just not done.  Ya getting the picture here?  The Elders and Medicine People of the Tribes/Nations do not go around telling the world who and what they are nor do they accept money for their services.  Like I said before, I have no knowledge of Khat ever charging anyone for her services as an Elder or a Medicine Woman.  Yet, I have trouble accepting all these claims on the basis of her bragging so to speak.  Is Khat Hansen really an Elder of the Choctaw Nation?  If so, is there a member of the Choctaw Nation that would be willing to step up and verify this for me.?

Khat will tell you that she is a Soul Eater and a Bone Picker.  OK.  I know absolutely nothing about either Soul Eaters or Bone Pickers other than what Khat herself told me.  So, for that reason, I’m simply gonna stay away from these two issues.  But, would love to hear from someone, anyone, who is knowledgeable on these subjects.

So, Who Is Khat Hansen?  Is she really all that she claims to be?  That is a mystery.  I sure don’t know the answer.  Hell, as far as I know she could be just another egomaniac who is starving for attention anyway she can get it.  Or, there is that other possibility, though it is slim, that she is exactly who she claims to be.  I, for one, would like to know the TRUTH.  Is there anyone out there that knows the TRUTH?  I would especially like to hear the truth about Khat Hansen from a member of the Choctaw Nation if at all possible.


Native Groups

Native Groups on the web:  Are they a good thing or a bad thing?  Well, I guess it really depends on who runs them and what they are used for.  Should you join one or not?

Most of the Native Groups that I have belonged to in the past were not such a good thing.  They did enable me to meet a lot of new people but most of those people were not who or what they claimed to be.  There were really no requirements for joining most of them or if they did have requirements they were minimal and even my dog, Jake, could have gotten his membership approved.  That is if Jake knew how to type.  That, my friends, is very sad.  And, these groups have been around since way before there ever was a Face Book.  So, the first Face Book Indians were actually on these groups.  God help us, these damned Face Book Indians are everywhere.

Many of these groups are started and run by “Breeds” who either don’t have enough Indian Blood to meet the requirements of the “Blood Quantum” regulations to actually belong to a legitimate Tribe or Nation.  Many of them were raised in the “White Man’s World” and have little to knowledge of what it is like to be “Indian”.  But, like these groups, there are many, many “Fake Tribes” that will sell you a membership in them for a fee.  So, most often, these “Group Owners” are members of one of these “Fake Tribes” and will actually try to get their members to join their “Tribe”.  Man, that’s a sad state of affairs.

Now, there are “Real Indians” who join these groups and they are, on the whole, a really nice bunch of people to get to know.  But, many of them were duped into joining thinking that they would meet other “Real Indians” from different Tribes and Nations that they would otherwise never have the chance to meet.  And sometimes that will actually work out if they have the time and patience to weed through all the Face Book Indians that are there.

A lot of times these groups have a very undesirable element there as well:  Men who join to meet women by claiming to be someone who they’re not.  I have actually seen these “Men” go to women’s pages and leave remarks and comments that were sexually suggestive and at times even explicit.  Did the group’s owner or administrator’s actually do anything to stop it?  Sometimes they did if it was too over-the-top but usually they did nothing.  Their reason for doing nothing was that we’re all adults here and we should know how to handle these types of situations.

And, another bad thing about these groups is that the owners are “teaching” or “promoting” misinformation.  Most of them won’t actually “teach” the “Ceremonies” but they come damned close.  There’s always a “Fake Medicine Person” or “Fake Chief” on there will teach you anything you want to know.  The problem is that what these “Fakes” teach is not the “Real McCoy”.  It is usually some bastardization of half truths and the rest, well, its something they have just made up along the way.  And, many times, there’s a “Fee” attached to their “Teachings”.  And, these Face Book Indians jump all over that:  A chance to attend a “Ceremony”, a chance to learn “Indian Traditions and Ways”.

How do stop this or shut down the “Native Spirits” and “Native Lands” out there?  We can’t.  If we manage to get one shut down, it will just spring up again under a different name and the owner will just alter their name as well, and they are right back in business.  And, get this, they are now setting up “Group” pages or “Community” pages on Face Book so that they can actually lure more of these Face Book Indians to their actual groups on other networking platforms.  And, the really sad thing is that they have thousands of followers on Face Book and thousands of members on the actual groups themselves.  And, when once these groups were “Free” to join there is now a “Membership Fee” and that has provided these “Owners” another opportunity to make money.



Face Book Indians

To me there’s nothing worse than a “FACE BOOK INDIAN”.  What you ask is a “FACE BOOK INDIAN”?  Well, to put it bluntly it is someone who is NOT a Native American but yet that is exactly what they claim to be on Face Book.

These individuals are no more Native American than my cat, Stash, is a cotton-picking Lion.  They search all over Face Book looking to add as many “Real” Native Americans to their friends list that they can find.  They pick out some funky name to call themselves.  Hell, I ran across one the other day whose name was “White Bird Must Fly”.  I think this damned fool showed as a friend suggestion on my page on some such nonsense.  I recognized the name as being that of someone I ran into a few years ago on one of those Ning sites.  Native Land or some such place as that.  So I knew immediately that this fool wasn’t Native American at all.  What a crock of horse manure. 

And, then there’s the Welsh lady on Face Book who claims to be Lakota/Irish [Elly Crow Woman].  This woman I met on more than one Ning site.  When I first met her she claimed that the got the name “Elly Crow Woman” when she was studying indigenous medicine with members of the Blackfoot Nation.  That I could possibly see and I did accept that explanation for a time.  Later on down the road she changed her profile to read that she was of Lakota and Irish descent when originally it was Welsh.  I asked her about it and she flat refused to tell me how she all of a sudden became Lakota/Irish.  As the administrator of one of the sites that she belonged to, I just kicked her off the site and banned her from it altogether.

People like this give a bad name to those who are of legitimate Native Descent and are dangerous to boot.  They are there to “steal” any and everything that they can to use in phony ceremonies.  These phony ceremonies often lead to people getting seriously hurt or even killed.  And, in the long run they make it extremely difficult for the legitimate descendants to be accepted and to learn the traditions they were possibly denied by being raised in the “white” culture.

I don’t know the solution to this problem but there has to be one somewhere.  These impostors need to be exposed at every opportunity.  But, many don’t want to offend any one so they just simply keep their damned mouths shut and say and do nothing.  Well, I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut and I don’t care who I offend.  I will expose these frauds every time I find one out there.


Welcome to Straight Talk With blackwolf

Hi, and Welcome to my new Blog.

I’m still getting things set-up here so there’s nothing really of interest posted just yet.  However, in the coming days and weeks I will be writing bout some topics that will surely ruffle more than a few feathers. 

Some of the topics will be on the current movement of the LGBT segment of the Native American population and their use of the term “Two Spirited”.  Other topics will be my thoughts on “FBI” [Face Book Indians] and how they affect how Native Americans view those of “Mixed Heritage” that cannot prove their lineage.  Other topics will deal with what it means to live the “Traditional” life as opposed to just saying you do.  And, that’s just for starters.

Check back in a few days.  Things could get just a tab interesting round here.