Shots from the Rosebud
The High Plains of South Dakota
Music:  People of Peace by R. Carlos Nakai
The photographs in this section of Little Wolf Run were made by Shirley Catt IronShell.  
Shirley is an enrolled Eastern Band Cherokee who after marrying moved to the Rosebud
Indian Reservation in South Dakota with her husband, Gene IronShell.  Shirley, along with
her husband, participate in Lakota Ceremonies.

Like Lynn Audet and myself, Shirley always has her trusty camera with her so as to capture
those incredible moments that just kinda pop-up when you least expected  She takes many,
many photos of the Pow Wows and various gatherings, so there will be a lot of photos posted
of those events.  This will enable our visitors to enjoy, through her eyes and photos, an
authentic Pow Wow on the Reservations of the Lakota Peoples.  However, there will be "NO"
photos of Sun Dance as that is a Sacred Ceremony and cameras are never allowed in "Real"

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Shirley for allowing me the honor of sharing her
photos here at Little Wolf Run.  I sincerely hope that all who visit Shirley's pages here will
enjoy them as much as I do.
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