Photos by Lynn Audet
Music:  When We Walk Together by Red Tail Chasing Hawks
All Rights Reserved
Lynn Audet is an up-and-coming photographer from New England, at least in my humble opinion.  
Much like me, Lynn never leaves the house without her camera in tow.  Her primary focus is Nature
photographing everything from fields of wildflowers, to mushrooms, to Lady Bugs mating, to unusual
rock formations.  In short, if she can find it in Nature, she will photograph it.

The photographs used in the making of the video/slide-show Maine In July, found here on this web site,
were all taken by Lynn with the exception of the shot of her at the beginning and end which was supplied
by Gretchen Gordon Cates.  And, with Lynn's permission, I will be using her photographs in future
video/slide-shows, for comment tags and as Desk-Top Wallpaper.  

I am currently in the process of attempting to locate an affordable printer so that we may provide you
with prints and posters of her work at affordable prices.  In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy
browsing through her photos and find as much enjoyment in doing so as I do.
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