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Before anything was created at all, Old Frog and Old Badger lived alone together.  Old Badger wanted to drink, so Old Frog gnawed into a tree, drew
out all the sap and put it in a hollow place.

Then he created Little Frogs to help him, and working together they dug out the lake.

Then Old Frog made the little flat whitefish.

Some of them lived in the lake, but others swam down Cache Creek, and turned into the salmon, pike, and sturgeon which swim in the Sacramento.
Origin of Clear Lake

A Patwin Legend
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The Great Fire

A Patwin Legend
Long ago a man loved two women and wished to marry both of them.  But the women were magpies and they laughed at him.  Therefore the man
went to the north, and made for himself a tule boat.

Then he set the world on fire, and himself escaped to sea in his boat.

But the fire burned with terrible speed.  It ate its way into the south.  It licked up all things on earth, men, trees, rocks, animals, water, and even the
ground itself.

Now Old Coyote saw the burning and the smoke from his place far in the south, and he ran with all his might to put it out.  He put two little boys in a
sack and ran north like the wind.  He took honey-dew into his mouth, chewed it up, spat on the fire, and so put it out.  Now the fire was out, but there
was no water and Coyote was thirsty.  So he took Indian sugar again, chewed it up, dug a hole in the bottom of the creek, covered up the sugar in it,
and it turned to water and filled the creek.  So the earth had water again.

But the two little boys cried because they were lonesome, for there was nobody left on earth.  Then Coyote made a sweat house, and split a number of
sticks, and laid them in the sweat house over night,  In the morning they had all turned into men and women.
Patwin Legends