Music:  When We Walk Together by Red Tail Chasing Hawks
I alone will clothe thee with flowers, mine alone is the song which casts down our grief before God in thy house.

True it is that my possessions shall perish, my friendships, their home and their house;  thus I, O Yoyontzin, pour forth songs to the Giver of Life.

Let the green quechol birds, let the tzinitzcan twine flowers for us, only dying and withered flowers, that we may clothe thee with flowers, thou ruler,
thou Nezahual coyotl.  Ye youths and ye braves, skilled in wisdom, may you alone be our friends, while for a moment here we shall enjoy this house.

For thy fame shall perish, Nopiltzin, and thou, Tezozomoc, where are thy songs?  No ,ore do I cry aloud, but rest tranquil that ye have gone to your

Ye whom I bewailed, I know nevermore, never again; I am sad here on earth that ye have gone to your homes.
A Plain Song of the Mexicans

A Nahua Legend
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A Song of Huexotzinco

A Nahua Legend
Only sad flowers, sad songs, are here in Mexico, in Tiatiloico, in this place these alone are know, alas.

It is well to know these, if only we may please the Giver of Life, lest we be destroyed, we his subjects, alas.

We have angered Him, we are only wretched beings, slaves by blood; we have seen and known affliction, alas.

We are disturbed, we are embittered, thy servants here in Tiatiloico, deprived of food, made acquainted with affliction, we are fatigued with labor, O
Giver of Life, alas.

Weeping is with us, tears fall like rain, here in Tiatiloico; as the Mexican women go down to the water, we beg of them for ourselves and our friends,

Even as the smoke, rising, lies in a cloud over Mount Atloyan, in Mexico, so does it happen unto us, O Giver of Life, alas.

And, you Mexicans, may you remember concerning us when you descend and suffer before the majesty of God, when there you shall howl like wolves.

There, there will be only weeping as your greeting when you come, there you will be accursed, all of you, workers in filth, slaves, rulers or warriors,
and thus Tenochtitlan will be deserted.

Oh friends, do not weep, but know that sometime we shall have left behind us the things of Mexico, and then their water shall be made bitter and their
food shall be made bitter, here in Tiatiloico, as never before, by the Giver of Life.

The disdained and the slaves shall go forth with song; but in a little while their oppressors shall be seen in the fire, amid the howling of wolves.
Nahua Legends