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Little Wolf Run Productions
Little Wolf Run Productions was created to provide a place for me to share my love of Nature through the use
right from my desk-top.  This enables me to search through millions of photographs from the 'Photo Sharing'
and 'Free Stock Photo' sites without having to go to each one individually or even look them up on the
Internet.  I can tell you that it is a real time-saver.  Unfortunately, at times it does have some Copyrighted
material mixed in.  Every effort is made to exclude any of this Copyrighted material, however, no matter how
hard I try, some will occasionally slip through without my knowledge.  When this occurs and I find it out the
material is immediately removed since it is not my intent to infringe on someone's Copyrighted material.

The music that I use throughout this web site comes from my personal music collection which is quite extensive
since I also have a profound and deep love of music.  I either purchased the music on CD from local retailers or
through the web site 'eMusic' on-line.  Each piece is carefully selected to match the subject matter of the video,
slide-show, or particular page of Little Wolf Run where it is used.  I do not own the Copyrights to any of the
music nor do I claim to.  The music is intended to set a certain atmosphere for whatever project it is used with
or to aid in the telling of a story.

The work that I put into these 'productions' is among the most enjoyable that I do.  It is, also, some of the
hardest work as well.  I can lose myself for hours when working on a new project; at times forgetting to eat or
even sleep.  And, most of the work will end up in the trash-bin, and never make it to publication; as I am a bit
of a perfectionist.

When I first started out, most of the stuff was just OK.  But, I like to think, as time has passed, I've gotten
better.  The older slide-shows were put together using 'Photostory3' by Microsoft.  Now, I am using 'Windows
Live Movie Maker' which allows me to incorporate video and still-photography into one piece.  It also allows
me more transitional options in presenting the resulting video.  Unfortunately, at this time, it takes quite some
time for the 'buffering' to complete.  I will correct this issue as soon as I possibly can find the solution.  Heck, it
could be just my own Internet connection (DSL) since I don't have a broad-band connection myself.

The Comment Tags that I make have quotes from some famous, and some not so-famous, people.  These
quotes are chosen to try to make a point at times and at other times they are just 'nice' quotes.  The
photographs used are, again, either gotten through the use of 'Ginipic' or sometimes are sent to me by friends
who just think they would be good for 'tagging'.  The quotes, themselves, are often sent by friends who just
happen to like a particular quote and think it would make a good 'tag'.  I don't make those cute little glittery,
flashy tags nor do I make a lot of animated tags.  I, personally, feel that all the glittery and flashy tags take
something away from the quote or saying that was used.  That's just my personal opinion, of course.  As for
the animated tags, I don't make them often as I haven't found a 'free application' that I like well enough to use
on a regular basis.  I am still looking for one though.

Well, I guess that pretty much sums up what 'Little Wolf Run Productions' is all about.  As time goes by and
this section is up and running, I hope that you will enjoy it here.  Once I get the original sections that are
moving here to their new home, I will be starting on some brand new projects to post here.  Good things are
on the way.

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