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History is a record of events that happened in the past.  It can be preserved for future generation in
written form.  It can also be passed from generation to generation orally.  Sadly, neither of these forms
of preserving History always gives the accurate account of things.  Why is that, you may ask.  It's really
a very simple answer:  Human Beings or People.  People almost always tends to tell their own, and often
biased, account of things.  That leaves a "side of things" that is left untold.  With this in mind, that leaves
History as being an inaccurate account of things.  Right?  Well, not really.  If one wants to get a more
accurate account of the past one has to look at both sides of the story.  It's not always easy to find the
second accounting of things, but if you look hard enough you can find it.

But, there is another way to find out a lot about what actually happened by turning to the Natural
World.  That's where one looks to the science of Archeology for answers.  What People have left behind
buried underneath the surface of the Earth can give an account of what actually occurred in the past.  
You can find out where they lived and how they lived to a large degree  in this way.

So, to get the most accurate picture of the past, one needs to utilize all three form of History.  And, that is
what we will be attempting to do here.  Hopefully, it will work and a more accurate History of the First
Peoples of the America's will emerge rather than the one-sided account most of us are. and were, taught
in school as children.

The second part of this section will deal with the Prohecies of the First Peoples of the Anerica's.  What
they were, what they meant, and are they relevant in today's world.

Histories of the First Peoples of the Americas
Prophecies of the First Peoples of the Americas