In the earliest beginning, the darkness was thick and deep.  There was no light.  The animals ran here and there, always bumping into each other.  
The birds flew here and there, but continually knocked against each other.

Hawk and Coyote thought a long time about the darkness.  Then Coyote felt his way into a swamp and found a large number of dry tulle reeds.  He
made a ball of them.

He gave the ball to Hawk, with some flints, and Hawk flew up into the sky, where he touched off the tulle reeds and sent the bundle whirling around
the world.

But still the nights were dark, so Coyote made another bundle of tulle reeds, and Hawk flew into the air with them, and touched them off with the

But these reeds were damp and did not burn so well.  That is why the moon does not give so much light as the sun.   
Origin of Light

A Gallinomero Legend
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Music:  Rainbow Canyon by AH-NEE-MAH
The Spirit Land

A Gallinomero Legend
When the flames burn low on the funeral pyres of the Gallinomero, Indian mourners gather up handfuls of ashes and scatter them high in air.  Thus
the good mount up into the air, or go to the Happy Western Land beyond the Big Water.

But the bad Indians go to an island in the Bitter Waters, an island naked and barren and desolate, covered only with brine-spattered stone, swept
with cold winds and the biting sea-spray.

Here they live always, breaking stone upon one another, with no food but the broken stones and no drink but the salt sea water.
Gallinomero Legends