Why There Are No Snakes On Takhoma

A Cowlitz Legend
A long, long time ago, Tyhee Sahale became angry with the people.  Sahale ordered a medicine man to take his bow and arrow and shoot into the
cloud which hung low over Takhoma.  The medicine man shot the arrow, and it stuck fast in the cloud.  Then he shot another into the lower end of the
first.  He shot arrows until he had made a chain which reached from the cloud to the earth.  The medicine man told his klootchman and his children to
climb up the arrow trail.  Then he told the good animals to climb up the arrow trail.  Then the medicine man climbed up himself.

Just as he was climbing into the cloud, he looked back.  A long line of bad animals and snakes were also climbing up the arrow trail.  Therefore the
medicine man broke the chain of arrows.  Thus the snakes and bad animals fell down on the mountain side.  Then at once it began to rain.  It rained
until all the land was flooded.  Water reached even to the snow line of Takhoma.  When all the bad animals and snakes were drowned, it stopped

After a while the waters sank again.  Then the medicine man, and his klootchman, and the children climbed out of the cloud and came down the
mountain side.  The good animals also climbed out of the cloud.  Thus there are now no snakes or bad animals on Takhoma.
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Music:  Voices of the Wind by AH-NEE-MAH
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