A Costanoan (Ohlone) Legend
Coyote's wife said to him:  "I do not want you to marry other women."  Now they had only one child.  Then Coyote said:  "I want many children.  We
alone cannot have many children.  Let me marry another woman so that there may be more of us."  Then the woman said, "Well, go."  then he had
five children.  Then his children said:  "Where shall we make our houses?  Where shall we marry?"  Coyote told them:  "Go out over the world."  then
they went and founded five rancherias with five different languages.  The rancherias are said to have been Ensen, Rumsien, Ekkheya, Kakonta, and
that of the Wacharones.

Now Coyote gave the people the carrying net.  He gave them bow and arrows to kill rabbits.  He said:  "You will have acorn mush for your food.  You
will gather acorns and you will have acorn bread to eat.  Go down to the ocean and gather seaweed that you may eat it with your acorn mush and
acorn bread.  Gather it when the tide is low, and kill rabbits, and at low tide pick abalones and mussels to eat.  When you can find nothing else,
gather buckeyes for food.  If the acorns are bitter, wash them out; and gather "wild oat" seeds for pinole, carrying them on your back in a basket.  
Look for these things of which I have told you.  I have shown you what is good.  Now I will leave you.  You have learned.  I have shown you how to
gather food, and even though it rains a long time people will not die of hunger.  Now I am getting old.  I cannot walk.  Alas for me!  Now I go."
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Music:  Shadows of the Centuries by AH-NEE-MAH
Coyote killed salmon and put them into the ashes to roast.  He did not want his children to eat them.  Therefore he pretended that they were only
ashes.  Once in a while he reached into the ashes, took a piece, and ate it.  Then his children cried out that he was eating fire and would be burned.  
When they wanted to take some, he did not let them.  He said:  "You will be burned."
Coyote and His Children

A Costanoan (Ohlone) Legend
Coyote and His Wife

A Costanoan (Ohlone) Legend
Makewiks is an animal that lives in the ocean and sometimes comes to the surface.

Coyote went to the ocean with his wife.  He told her not to be afraid.  He told her about the sea lion, about the mussels, about the crabs, and the
octopus.  Her told her that all these were relatives; so when she saw them she was not to be afraid.  But he did not tell her about the makewiks.  Then
when this rose before her it frightened her so that she fell dead.  Coyote took her on his back, carried her off, built a fire, and laid her by the side of it.  
He began to sing and dance and jump.  Soon she began to come to life.  He jumped three times and brought her back to life.
Coyote and the Hummingbird

A Costanoan (Ohlone) Legend
Coyote thought he knew more than anyone; but the hummingbird knew more.  Then Coyote wanted to kill him.  He caught him, struck him, and
mashed him entirely.  Then he went off.  The hummingbird came to life, flew up, and cried:  "Lakun, dead," in mockery.

Coyote caught him, made a fire, and put him in.  He and his people had gone only a little way when the hummingbird flew by crying:  "Lakun!"  
Coyote said:  "How shall I kill him?"

They told him:  "The only way is for you to eat him."  Then Coyote swallowed him.  The hummingbird scratched him inside.

Coyote said:  "What shall I do?  I shall die."

They said:  "You must let him out by defecating."

Then Coyote let him out and the hummingbird flew up crying:  "Lakun!"
Coyote With A Thorn In His Eye

A Costanoan (Ohlone) Legend
Coyote came to some women and asked them to pull out a thorn from his eye.  There was only a little stick which he held in place with his eyelid.  At
first they distrusted him.  He selected the most beautiful; "You draw it out," he sang.  When she was about to take it with her fingers, he said:  "No,
take hold of it with your teeth."  He said this so that he might seize her.  When she took hold of the little stick he seized her and ran off with her.  His

Meneya don kac op ka yapunnin, you (?) me pull-out my thorn!
Costanoan (Ohlone) Legends