The Boys Who Turned To Geese

A Chumash Legend
Long ago, when animals were people, there was a little boy whose mother and stepfather wouldn't give him anything to eat, though they had plenty
for themselves.  So the boy went off to find his own food and met another boy who was also abandoned.  Raccoon came along, felt sorry for the two
boys, and helped them dig roots to eat.

In the next few days, five more hungry abandoned boys came by, and they all went to stay with Raccoon in the temescal (sweat house).  Finally they
decided to go north and take Raccoon with them.  So they sprinkled themselves with goose down and sang songs.

For three days they went around the temescal, singing and rising higher and higher off the ground.  But Raccoon couldn't fly even though he was
covered with goose down.  All the mothers came to see the boys and begged them to come down, but they refused.  They all turned into geese and flew
away to the north, to become the seven stars we call the Pleiades.  And when geese cry, they sound just like a little boy.
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Music:  Sacred Ground by AH-NEE-MAH
The Sparks of the Sun

A Chumash Legend
The Sun carries a torch of tightly rolled bark to light the world.  After his daily journey across the sky, he snaps his torch to throw sparks, which are
the stars.
There is this world in which we live, but there is also one above us and one below us.  There are two serpents that hold our world up from below.  
When they are tired they move, and that causes earthquakes.  The world above is sustained by the great eagle.  He never moves, he is always in the
same spot.  When he gets tired of sustaining the upper world, he stretches his wings a little, and this causes the phases of the moon.  When there is an
eclipse of the moon it is because his wings cover it completely.  And the water in the springs and streams of this earth is the urine of the many frogs
who live in it.
The Three Worlds

A Chumash Legend
Thunder and Lightning

A Chumash Legend
There are two brothers who live in the upper world.  They sometimes play the hoop and pole game.  One rolls the hoop and the other runs after it and
tries to pierce it with his pole.  That is what causes thunder.  Also they can throw a light they have to make lightning, and when it hits the ground it
makes flint.
Thunder Makes Zaca Lake

A Chumash Legend
Zaca Lake was formed when Thunder sat down there and made a great hole in the Earth.  There was once a village there, and one day, a man saw
Thunder and said insulting things to him.  The rest of the people ran away in fear, and when they looked back, the man was gone and there was
water where Thunder had sat down.
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