Osiyo Oginalii Tsilugi
(Hello Friends Welcome)
I started a most wonderful journey eleven
years ago as a result of being diagnosed
with cancer.  It is a never ending journey of
discovery and rediscovery.

I need to take just a moment to thank the
wonderful Doctors and Staff of the Durham
VA Medical Center and Duke Medical Center
Doctors who together made this journey
possible.  Without them and the Great
Spirit's help, I wouldn't be here today.  I
Thank the Great Spirit Everyday for
allowing me to continue living.  I don't
Thank the Docs nearly enough, so I am
Dedicating Little Wolf Run to ALL of THEM.  

I am of Cheraw/Catawba/ Cherokee and
Scottish descent and this web site has come
out of my quest to discover the wonders of
my Native American Ancestors.  And, what
wondrous  things I am learning.  I wish I
could share all I am learning but as a lot of
it is Sacred and deeply personal, I can not.  
What I can share with you is beautiful
Native American Music and Photographs as
well as beautiful photographs of Mother
Earth's animals and natural wonders.

I have spent countless hours searching for
just the right photographs and music to
share with you.  Most of the photographs
you will see here I found by searching the
free open stock galleries on the Internet.  All
of the music is from my personal collection
of Native American Music.  Photographs
that are copy right protected will be used
with links back to the owners of those copy
right owners.  If you see one of your copy
righted photographs here that is not linked
back to you, please contact me and I will
provide a link or remove it if that is your

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, kick
your shoes off, and enjoy your time here at
Little Wolf Run.
Yigaquu Osaniyu Adadoligi Nigohilvi
Nasquv Utloyasdi Nihi
(May the Great Spirit's Blessings Always Be With You)
All Rights Reserved
Music:  Walk Between Worlds by Golana
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